Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glassware Photo Shoot

I decided a few months ago that it was time to increase the quality of my glassware photographs. I fell in love with my wedding photographer's style of capturing moments rather than posed shots so I once again called on talented Annemie of to help me with my project.

I spent a month painting inventory for the event and coercing my friends into showing up for the big photo shoot. I asked them to bring their pretty smiles and a few changes of clothes.

The day before our photo shoot I polished glasses, ironed table cloths and staged tables. The wind was so strong I had to do all the prep work indoors because the wind threatened to blow away all my glassware and flowers. I was really worried the wind would continue and our Sunday photo shoot would end in a flurry of shattered wine glasses.

Sunday came and it was as if the weather had be pre-ordered. It was a gorgeous, calm. sunny day. My friends showed up, beautiful and ready to pose.

The photo shoot started off with some polite smiles and awkward delicate sips but as the wine flowed the photo shoot became less of a staged production and more of a real party.

We all had a lot of fun and felt like models for a magazine. My gorgeous friends played their roles beautifully and we spent the next few hours changing outfits and switching out glasses. I wanted the pictures to look natural and Annemie is a professional at capturing those special moments for the perfect shot.

It helped that I had such beautiful, fun people to work with.

My brother and I are in the picture below. George was so cute, he changed his cuff links to match the glasses for each shot.

My sister-in-law Julie, was on her fashion game and came with a ton of dresses. I love how the turquoise in this dress picks up on the turquoise of the Peacock feathers.

We even staged a wedding! Amy was kind enough to bring her wedding dress and her good looking husband along for the shoot. You can't fake these sorts of lovey looks and I was so thankful to have a bride and groom to showcase my best selling champagne flutes.

As dusk arrived, the smiles grew larger. I lost count of how many bottles of wine and champagne were poured but I think a good time was had by all. You can see the rest of the pictures taken on my websites, both on Etsy and BigCartel.

I owe everyone involved a giant THANK YOU!
Thanks for making my glassware look beautiful.
Cheers to you!