Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sticky Stickers

When I was a kid I had a sticker collection. But I wasn't a normal kid with a normal sticker collection. I would collect stickers anyplace I could then I'd stick them to a nice marble antique desk. Mom wasn't exactly pleased when she discovered my collection, but it was an impressive assortment of glittery hearts, fuzzy bears and my favorite, a few treasured potent scratch and sniff mushroom stickers. Like I said before, I wasn't a normal kid.

I'm less obsessed with stickers now that I'm in my late 20's, but the addiction has morphed towards decals. My personal favorites are from Mixed Species. I love their decals that say "You Park Like Shit." They aren't permanent, so when you do get the courage to actually put one on a motorcycle taking up two spaces or a Porshe in a handicapped spot you won't get sued for ruining their paint as they peel easily and harmlessly off. Their "Oil Whore" is just as much fun, but more permanent so careful not to upset a big burly man driving his monster truck through town.

I'm equally enamored with less offensive decals just in case you were staring to think about my strange childhood...

The decals are perfect for your walls when you can't paint because your renting or in a dorm room. Most vinyl decals peel easily off without damaging your walls or paint.

I've even created my own glass decals for wine glasses. So now people can dress up their glassware for a party without having to invest in new glasses. Think of them as a temporary tattoo for your glassware.

Don't deny your inner sticker collection. Below are a few great options for all your collecting needs.

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