Friday, September 11, 2009


photo by dsherrilldesign
Fall in North Carolina is my favorite time of the year. The whole world turns into a brilliant painting. Perfectly clear blue skies, glittering golden yellow and pumpkins orange leaves and just enough crispness in the air to keep your skin a little tingly. I want to spend every meal, every moment outside. Sleep with the windows open and buy a new favorite sweater for my forest romps. But this fall is going to be even more special. I'm going to be spending a week of it in the mountains of NC. For those who have experienced fall in the mountains of North Carolina I can feel your pangs of valid jealousy, and for those who haven't--it's time to add a destination to your life list. But it gets even better. I'm spending the week at Penland. I like to call it an artists commune because I think that sounds cool and hippie. Imagine vast green fields surrounded by mountains in all the varying bright shades of fall. There are small buildings all around the "campus" where classes are taught throughout the day. Metal welding, glass blowing, paper making, painting, ceramics, letterpress, photography..the list is endless. I'll be emersing myself in a week of textiles. Hydro-printing and marbling on a varying fabrics. I don't even know what hydro-printing could mean. I'm assuming water is involved. By the end of the week I hope to be well versed, creatively energized and full of mountain air. I'm sure it will result in many new blog posts of my creations and I plan on sharing everything I learn with you in a video tutorial so you can see each step easily.

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