Thursday, October 27, 2011

Falling for Acrylics

I've never really painted with acrylics much in the past. They just don't have that vibrant luminosity that oils do and they don't mix nearly as nicely. But while traveling, and knowing that I had just a limited amount of time, I've been really enjoying the perks of acrylics. For one, they dry so fast that I can create entire paintings in an afternoon. Secondly, they are much less expensive than oils. And thirdly, they are water based so I don't have to worry about toxic turpentine with baby Emma around. Emily still had some large white walls that needed filling so I painted this 3-canvas Almond Blossom painting for her new dining room wall.

The painting was inspired by my old favorite, Van Gogh. It was so much fun to make that I'm thinking of doing another version in oils. This was my first triptych painting (three separate canvases painted to look like one painting) and I love the puzzle look that it created.

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