Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nursery Mural

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby girl! Julie is due in about a week and for her baby present I painted a mural in her adorable new nursery. She's from New Hampshire, so Birch trees are a little reminder of home and for those who are at all familiar with my work, trees are sort of my signature, so creating a friendly forest of Birch Trees was the theme we both readily agreed on.

The fabrics Julie picked out are covered in cute little yellow and pink birds so I emulated their design on the tree branches. The mural covers one full wall and then on the opposite wall are two additional trees with a "Daddy, Mommy and baby bird" I added a little heart "carved" into the tree where baby girl's intals and birth date will be added after she's born.

Working on the mural was a lot of fun. The canvas of a wall is so big, that you don't really have time to think every stroke through or it would never be completed, so you have to work fast and trust your instincts. This mural took me about 18-20 hours to complete. I used wall paint from Lowes that we matched to the fabric colors so everything tied together.

I hope baby girl loves the mural! I already love her and she's not even here yet.


  1. Amazing!! I absolutely love it. A perfect gift! You're such a great artist and I'm a little jealous of Georgie and Julie and that nursery! :)

    ~Megan Bruch

  2. Love it & I have always loved that quilt! Isn't is from Pottery Barn?

  3. I LOVE this, Mary Elizabeth! You are so extraordinarily talented... your unborn niece is already a lucky girl!


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