Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sneak Peak: Secret Garden

When I was young, the Secret Garden was one of my favorite books. It must have been one of my mother's favorites as well, because she decided to create one. 

It started with a lot of bare land. My parents and my husband have been very busy turning acres of weeds and hard clay ground into a garden that will soon be worthy of showcasing in Southern Living. 

These photos are only of the back yard. The front yard is where I was married 2 years ago. The back yard is were the Secret Garden is. You can see part of the green, round structure behind the little pond in the picture below. There are winding pathways all throughout the property lined with lush flower beds and thoughtful details. 


In this photo below you can see the opening of the Secret Garden. There will soon be a special custom-built gate installed under the archway.

I'm a real wuss in the heat, what with all the bugs and sweat so I tend to stay indoors painting until early evenings, but I have enjoyed the fruits of everyone's labor. We have been eating out of the farm, and eating quite well. We have lots of different types of basil for pesto, which I'll soon be selling locally. The recipe has already been perfected, we just have to stop eating it so fast so other people can have some too. I've taken to smothering all my raw veggies with the stuff. It's so addictive--and thankfully healthy as our favorite version is actually a vegan pesto. It's so fresh that you don't miss the cheese. 

There is a baby orchard with 25 different types of Apple trees, Peach trees, Pears, Cherries and 3 different types of Fig trees. We already have a few apples and lots of pears. Later, we will be making Apple Butter, Cider, Fig preserves and of course lots and lots of pies. There is also a pumpkin patch along with watermelons, cantaloupes and sunflowers. There's my handsome husband hard at work with the weed-eater around one of the baby Apple trees. 

The farm part of the garden has all sorts of veggies. Snap Peas, English peas, Garlic, Onions, Squash, Zucchini, all sorts of different Peppers, Okra, Corn and of course, tomatoes. My brother has taken on the tomato project and we have close to a hundred different tomato plants. During the summer we all pretty much live off tomatoes--it doesn't get much better than a tomato, avocado and pesto sandwich.

You can see in the background, the back, outside wall of the Secret Garden. I'm only showing a teaser of the garden because it will have it's full debut with a special party. But right now it has a fountain, a built-in fire-pit and outdoor oven for some incredible twilight cooked meals. The walled garden has lights, speakers for music, outdoor dining tables, and some fabulous outdoor furniture finds. And of course all sorts of stunning flowers.

 In addition to the main farm, we have lots of little herb, flower and veggies plots. Some of the yummies growing are broccoli, about 6 different types of lettuces, and every herb you could imagine. Nick and I love to cook so having fresh herbs on hand are a requirement. They are so expensive fresh at the grocery store, if it weren't for the garden we'd go broke seasoning our dishes. 

It's so nice to be able to step outback and collect lettuce and a pinch of fresh dill for your turkey sandwich. Maybe pick a few snap peas for some fresh crunch. Say hello to a ladybug and a butterfly and then pick a pretty flower on your way back inside. Thanks family for creating such an awesome space. 


  1. Can not wait! Looks beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing Mary. Now, I really, really want to visit!

  3. I love it! Could you possibly get more of a closeup of the statue you have in that middle little sanctuary? Great snapshots, none the less. You can definitely show case this on television.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

  4. this garden look great to me. Seem you have great work in gardening


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