Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Blood Type is A Minor

I'm a music junkie. I'll buy gas station coffee instead of Starbucks to cut pennies, but will open my wallet for any good new song. Thankfully I have a lot of really awesome people in my life who are constantly introducing me to new, amazing music. So now, I'd like to return the favor and pass on some songs that I think you need to discover. A lot of these songs you can download for free, or at least listen to on their myspace pages. So grab of cup of coffee, cheap or otherwise and start exploring these gems. I've listed 20, and yes, it was painful to narrow them down to just these.

Northern Lights by The Thoughts from the album Consider the Bear

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie from the album The Opposite Side of the Sea

Tickle me Pink by Johnny Flynn from the album A Larum

I by Andrew Bird from the album Weather Systems

Down at Columbia and Cameron by The Physics of Meaning

Astral Weeks by Van Morrisson from the album Astral Weeks

Fire Door by Ani Difranco from the album Like I Said

Two Blue Lights by Songs: Ohia from the album It Didn't Rain

Sawed-Off Shotgun by Luego from the album I Know, I Know

Wagon Wheel by The Old Crow Medicine Show from the album O.C.M.S.

Carolina Drama by The Raconteurs from the album Consolers of the Lonely

Long Way to Go by Railroad Earth from the album Elko

Black/White by The Raveonettes from The Sound of Color

Anthem for a Seventeen-year-old-girl by Broken Social Scene from the album You Forgot It in People

Skinny Love by Bon Iver from the album For Emma, Forever Ago

Beat Beat by The Nation History from the album Beat Beat Heartbeat

Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap from the album Speak for Yourself

Only as the Day is Long by Sera Cahoone from album Only as the Day is Long

Bass Song by Hayden from the album Skyscraper National Park

I Was a Lover by my all time favorite group, TV on the Radio.


  1. This girl does have pretty great taste in music!

  2. My mission tomorrow: search for above music on iTunes.

    Astral Weeks (the entire album) is beautiful. My mind hushes when I listen to it and writing juices seep from my temporal lobes.

    TV on the Radio is fantastic!

    This girl does have great taste. Where do you stand on The Arcade Fire? Of Montreal?


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