Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Eggs

In honor of the Spring Equinox my future sister-in-law and I marbled some Easter Eggs. The weather was a gorgeous 80 degrees, probably the prettiest day of the year so far. I'll let the pictures tell the story. If you have no idea what I'm referring to when I say "marbeling" check out this post first:

Happy Spring everyone!

I started by boiling a few dozen eggs.

I created a large bucket of Methyl Cellulose for my
"slime bath" which is the medium the paint is dropped onto.
It looks and feels just like slime.

The eggs need to be coated in alum, which is what allows
for the paint to bond to the surface of the egg.

Just a quick 5-second dip per egg does the trick.

The fun part is using the eye dropper to add your colors to
the slim bath. I'm a little short on professional tools so I used
a fork and a chopstick to manipulate the paint into various designs.

I tried two approaches to coating the eggs with paint. The first was simply dropping the
eggs into the bowl. But It wasn't working very well and ended up just making a big mess.
So I started rolling the eggs on the surface of the slim.

I think the eggs turned out fabulous. I'm not going to risk
eating them as they are coated in paint and alum, but they
certainly are lovely to look at.

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  1. Those eggs are so cool!

    ps: I've been an admirer of your Etsy shop for months now.


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