Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding Ring

My wedding ring is finished! I'm very excited about how it turned out. Wren, the artist-owner of Goldworks in Chapel Hill hand-crafted my ring based on some shaky sketches and a description of my vision. She called me to say she'd worked on an example--she wasn't sure it was exactly what I wanted but she was pleased with the piece. So I went in for a look. I fell in love with it instantly and wouldn't you know it, she made it in my size. It fit perfectly and Wren didn't even know what my ring size was. I picked out this cute elephant ring box. The poor little guy has lost an eye but he's still got the goods.

The ring is made of all recycled metals. Palladium white gold intertwined with rose gold. The effect is meant to be an abstract twist of metal vines intertwined with some textured leaves.
Nick loves it because the two different metals represent the two of us. He's such a romantic.

This last image is of my tree-bark engagement ring made by Etsy artist Beth of bcyjewelry and my wedding ring together. I wasn't planning on wearing both the rings when I got married, but after seeing them together I'm reconsidering. Thank you to both fabulous artists for creating such beautiful, special pieces for me.

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